Welcome to the Wolves of Winter! We are an active fantasy human roleplay, established in January 2013, and set in medieval Europe. Join us, and follow the Kings of Winter, through the lands of old.

It is currently early spring in the Lands of Winter. While the highlands still see snow and ice, the lowlands are beginning to warm and flowers and plants are beginning to bloom. The people of the Winterlands are beginning to venture into their lands to farm and hunt, and newborn animals are beginning to run and play in the fields.



It's currently Kavity Week!

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Member List
Name Level Group Joined Posts Photo
Aderyn Citizens 5-May 14 377
Akirita Inactive 21-April 15 2
Aleta Inactive 1-July 14 5
Alexiane Inactive 13-September 14 1
Alistria Inactive 7-May 14 2
Asta Inactive 22-February 15 1
Ayla Pack Friends 13-May 14 50
Barbra Pack Friends 3-August 14 2
Boo Inactive 21-May 15 1
Diesel Nobles 5-May 14 680
Drisana Inactive 6-May 14 3
Esme Inactive 4-February 15 8
Fearix Inactive 8-May 14 46
Fenris Inactive 15-January 15 1
Frankie Inactive 6-May 14 22
Jaime Nobles 24-April 14 2587
Khari Inactive 25-September 14 6
Killian Pack Friends 4-May 14 30
Klim Pack Friends 8-September 14 20
Leandros Inactive 18-January 15 1
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skin by lauz of shine and candyland couture.